Call Center Staffing Manager

Manage your 24x7 call center staff schedules with this cloud based tool.

We install the platform on a dedicated cloud VPS, maintain the system and provide support and training to get you up and running quickly. Ongoing monthly hosting fees and phone usage charges will apply.

Installation Price: $125.00 (One Time)

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Feature set:

  1. User Interface

    1. Home page for non-logged in users

    2. Login views vary depending on roles (see below for roles)

    3. Schedule showing current user On Call

    4. Schedule showing next 7 days

    5. All agent schedules are editable

    6. Gaps in the schedule are highlighted

    7. User detail page shows that users’ schedule as well

  2. User management

    1. Add/remove users

    2. Set roles

    3. Assign/edit user schedules

  3. Users are assigned roles by Admins. Roles include 

    1. Admin - Full control over all aspects of system

    2. Manager - Manage schedules

    3. Agent - Receive calls, view read-only view of their schedules

    4. Guest - Front page only

  4. Incoming calls to the Twilio number will be routed to the user on call

  5. Priority system contacts priority 1 first. 

    1. If no answer to the first agent within N seconds or line is busy, then call is routed to priority 2 user (if any). 

    2. If no further available users, then it plays greeting and records voicemail

  6. Automated shift notification system

    1. Confirmation notifications are sent to scheduled users 24 and 1 hour prior to their shifts

  7. If a user cancels an assigned schedule, the admin(s) and manager(s) on duty (assigned by role) receives an SMS text message and email notification

  8. There should always be at least one manager on duty at any given time

  9. The manager has the responsibility to review the schedule and mitigate gaps in the schedule

  10. There is a flag to indicate whether a user is In Office

  11. The UI detects gaps in the schedule and highlights them with calculated length of time in hours

  12. Users with Agent role can log in to see a read-only view of their schedules 

  13. Users can confirm their schedules online