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Some of the products we provide

Direct contact with our customers provides them with the peace of mind that their project has value and is in good hands.

What We Do

Based in New York City and servicing the world, Westlinks Online is a web services company specializing in facilitating small businesses and individuals with popular open source cloud-based services.

We help to take the mystery out of getting web operations launched and get projects done quickly and affordably. We work directly with each client to gain a clear understanding of their needs and provide them with the best solutions.

Our target customers are small businesses which are not necessarily tech-centric, who know they need a web presence, but are not interested in (or capable of) doing it themselves. We aim to provide not only websites for these customers, but a complete suite of tools to operate their businesses, including popular CMS, open source CRM, G Suite for Email + office applications, VOIP phone services, domain names and more. All services include server maintenance, updates, backups and customer support.

There are many solutions out there that provide "instant websites". What sets us apart is we provide direct contact with our customers which provides the peace of mind that their project has value and is in good hands. They have the satisfaction of knowing that a real person is available to give them personal, one-on-one support.

Speaking of support, we know that post-sales support is vital. We strive to make our products trouble free, but when that unexpected problem shows its ugly head, we strive to make it easy to contact us and resolve whatever the issue is in as short amount of time as possible. We use Zendesk platform to manage our ticketing system and never hide behind our website, providing direct access in an emergency.

A Little History

Westlinks Online has actually been around since 1997! The first iteration was an experimental ecommerce business selling local food products (including best seller: SLO-Roasted Coffee) from San Luis Obispo County, California our original home base.

Phase two of the business, a two-man partnership, was similar to todays with some key differences. It was the pre-cloud days. We provided hosting services on our own bare-metal equipment located in data centers within our region. Additionally we provided custom web development to our customers.

The current iteration of Westlinks Online, now an LLC, takes full advantage of lessons learned from the past and leverages todays' modern tools and techniques to bring our customers state-of-the-art services and solutions.

Who We Are

Gerion Edberg (AKA Gary) is the original founder and continues to own and operate most aspects of the business including technology and customer relations. When you become a customer, you will likely work directly with him.

Gerion started in the technology industry in 1974 well before the web was born. Working in the integrated circuits (IC) and printed ciruit board manufacturing industry he witnessed first-hand the rapid growth of the Silicon Valley during the early years.

When the Internet and World Wide Web evolved to reach the masses, he was one of the first early adopters. In those days it was text-only with bulletin boards and email. Eventually, the Mosaic Web Browser appeared (followed by Netscape and others) and things really started to take off.

Being exposed to the Unix operating system, and soon Linux while working at Xing Technology in San Luis Obispo in the mid-90s, a new chapter began which led to a complete adoption of Redhat Linux, and soon thereafter, Fedora, eventually completely abandoning Windows in 2003.

Gerion has remained working in the web development industry, most recently spending several years as a project and operations manager for a series of web startups in New York City. That project ran its course which led to the re-launch of Westlinks Online, LLC in late 2015.

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Joseph Rainwater (AKA Joe) serves as Business Development Manager. There is a good chance you will work with Joe when getting started. He works directly with Gerion to gain a clear understanding of our services which provides him the ability to effectively match customers to services.

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