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Domain Names

Westlinks Online is an authorized reseller of domain names through Enom. This adds a level of convenience to our collection of services allowing everything to be under one "roof".

One of the most fundamental parts of your web presence is your domain name. And we make it easy to get one! You don't need to go to GoDaddy or any other registrar. We are authorized resellers of domain names through Enom and have tightly integrated their API directly into our platform. It's as easy as these three steps:

  1. Search for the name you want
  2. Add it to your shopping cart
  3. Checkout

Your domain name is YOURS, not ours. Should the need arise, you are free to take it to any other registrar, no questions asked. We also provide you with full access to managing your domain names, from DNS configuration to managing contact info and setting Auto Renewal. 

If managing a domain name is not your thing, no problem. Because they are integrated into our platform, and we are authorized agents, we can easily manage the settings for you. For example, when we set up your new website, domain name management is included.

About Enom

From Wikipedia

Enom, Inc. is a domain name registrar and Web hosting company that also sells other products closely tied to domain names, such as SSL certificates, e-mail services, and Website building software. As of May 2016, it manages over 15 million domains.

Company history

Enom was founded in 1997 in Kirkland, Washington operating as a wholesale business, allowing resellers to sell domains and other services under their own branding. Enom also operates retail sites enomcentral.com and bulkregister.com.

In May 2006, Enom was one of the original businesses that were acquired to form privately held Demand Media, headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Within Demand Media, Enom operated as a domain name registrar and as the registrar platform for its media properties, until separating from Demand Media as a brand of Rightside Group, Ltd in 2014.

In July 2006, Enom bought out competitor BulkRegister. Prior to its purchase, BulkRegister was a member-supported service where clients were not resellers, but companies large enough to pay an annual membership fee to acquire low registration fees on their domain name registrations, due to the volume they potentially register. With this acquisition, Enom rose to become the second largest domain name registrar. eNom maintains BulkRegister as a separate service.

In June 2016, Enom officially launched its revitalized retail experience in a major series of improvements to its developer platform. The changes affected over 14 million domains handled through Enom’s channel of partners and resellers, as well as directly through the company’s retail interface. Which boasts a revitalized aesthetic including color palette and updated logo.