Westlinks Hotline Manager

Westlinks Hotline Manager -- Manage your 24x7 call center staff schedules with this cloud based tool.

This is a one-click bundle product. We install the platform on a dedicated cloud VPS, maintain the system for you and provide support and training upon request to get you up and running quickly. A one-time installation fee is charged upon order followed by ongoing monthly hosting fees. Phone usage charges will also apply.

Bundle Price (Monthly + One Time): $30.00

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A modern application using digital voice technology to route incoming calls to staff members organized in a flexible shift management system. The objective of the system is to allow incoming calls to be answered 24x7. Missed calls roll to voicemail which is transcribed and provided to staff on duty.

  • Smart call routing of incoming calls to agents assigned to shifts
  • Automated shift confirmations
  • Roll-over of multiple calls to 2nd, 3rd or 4th on-call agent, then to voicemail
  • Voicemail deliver by email
  • Shift request system allows agents to requests open shifts
  • Call logging - by shift, user and over-all allowing management to analyze their call volumes