Westlinks Online - December Newsletter

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December 1, 2017, New York -- December has arrived! Winter and the holiday season will be here soon. It's that time of year again for family and friends to eat, drink, be merry and give gifts.

What's new this month?

We were very busy in November with the majority of our milestones met. Here's the rundown...

Authorizenet CIM API Integration

We completed the bulk of the CIM integration in November and are now able to allow you to securely manage your credit cards and billing/shipping addresses. You can add/edit/delete your cards in your settings section.

Now, when you enter the checkout page, you will see your saved card(s) included as possible payment methods. You can also add a new card if you don't have any saved or wish to use any of the saved ones. All of this provides a secure, quick and efficient checkout process.

Enom API Integration

Enom is the domain name registrar service we use to provide in-app domain name registration directly to our customers.

Until now, the extent of our Enom integration has been to search for and register domain names as well as set the auto-renew flag on or off. We are now in the process of adding full domain name administration functions and are about 90% complete.

When finished, you will be able to do the following:

  • Manage host settings
  • Manage DNS including your own nameservers
  • Manage contact information
  • Transfer to/from other registrars
  • Purchase SSL certificates
  • And more

We expect these features to be released during the next 2 weeks. Pick one of your domains in your domain name section and you will soon see the new set of menus where you will be able to access these settings. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Social Media Marketing

We are happy to announce that Olive Quizon has joined our team and is driving our social media marketing efforts. With a focus on Instagram as the first platform she has been posting photos, captions and hashtags every day and monitoring likes and follows. It has been impressive to watch the follows increase on a daily basis.

Following Instagram were Twitter and Facebook with G+ and Pinterest coming soon. The goal is to develop a strong following of fans that will advocate for our platform and attract a loyal customer base.

Company Profiles

We have begun to improve the way company profiles work on the Westlinks Online platform. If you operate a small business, it will be possible to have your Westlinks account based on your company profile rather than your personal one.

Currently you can manage your company name and address in your settings section. Future plans will allow a company to have authorized employees place orders and manage inventory.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas of how you would like this to work? We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Send them to suggestions@westlinks.com. Thanks!