Freelancer Policy

Westlinks Online provides a platform which allows Clients to hire Freelancers to execute tasks for a fee. All amounts are in US currency.

Definitions. A Client is a registered Westlinks Online user who hires a Freelancer to perform predefined tasks for a fee. A Freelancer is a registered Westlinks Online user who performs tasks for a fee. A registered user of Westlinks Online can be either a Client or a Freelancer or both.

Process. The Client deposits a retainer by credit card or PayPal to Westlinks Online. The retainer balance is subsequently used to fund tasks based on projected costs. A freelancer cannot be assigned to a task until it has been sufficiently funded. A Freelancer cannot log hours beyond the funded balance of the task. A Freelancer can request additional hours when necessary but the additional hours must be approved by the client who must provide funding prior to adding said hours. When the task is completed by the hired Freelancer and approved by the Client, the Freelancer is paid by Westlinks Online for the amount (hours x rate - fee) and all remaining unspent retainer funding is returned to the Clients retainer balance.

Fees and restrictions. A temporary hold may be imposed on retainer deposits paid by credit card until the transaction has completed, usually 24-48 hours. This hold is lifted on clients who have an established history with Westlinks Online. A small processing fee is charged for retainer deposits and freelancer payouts. The amount charged is typically 15%.

Freelancer Payments. Payments to Freelancers are processed through Payoneer. The Freelancer must have a Payoneer account prior to entering into a task contract.

Responsibilities. The Client is responsible for selecting (hiring) the Freelancer after assessing their eligibility based on claimed skill proficiencies and one on one interviews.

The Freelancer is responsible for agreeing to a contract with a Client and should only do so when they fully understand the scope of the task. If the Freelancer is unable to execute the task as requested by the Client, they are not guaranteed payment. Payment from a Client to a Freelancer is only payable when the Client has approved the work.

Disputes Westlinks Online is not responsible for any client/freelancer disputes. Any disagreements must be resolved between the two parties. As stated in the Payment Policy, refunds will not be granted for any purchase to which the customer has agreed to this policy. In the event of a dispute or misunderstanding, we will do whatever is possible to remedy the situaion through offering alternative services to compensate accordingly.