Payment Policy

This payment policy sets out to describe how Westlinks Online, LLC charges and collects payments for services.

One-Time Charges

We collect one-time payments for certain services:

  • Creation and configuration of cloud servers
  • Installation of software
  • Consulting, charged by the hour, billed as a sum of hours, usually ahead of work performed based on estimated time.
  • Certain projects are billed by retainer, where we request a prepaid balance to be submitted prior to work performed. Work is then deducted from available balance

Subscriptions / Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB)

We provide subscriptions to the following services:

  • Cloud based Virtual Machines (VMs)

These services are operated by 3rd party vendors and managed by Westlinks Online LLC with value added IT maintenance services including monitoring, backups and periodic updates.

Your paid subscription will commence upon approval of your credit card submission and continue either monthly or annually, depending on the subscription you select, until cancellation.

Subscription Cancellations

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, you will continue to receive your subscribed-to services until the end of the period in which you canceled.

  • Monthly subscriptions: This period will end thirty days after the most recent payment with no further charges.
  • Annual subscriptions: This period will end twelve months after the most recent payment with no further charges.


Refunds will not granted for any purchase to which the customer has agreed to this policy. In the event of a dispute or misunderstanding we will do whatever is possible to remedy the situation through offering alternative services to compensate accordingly.

Credit Card Expirations and Updates

If your credit card is due to expire during the course of your subscription, we will notify you via email and/or telephone call. We will provide you with a link to a web form where you may submit your new card information.

If you wish to change credit cards during the course of an active subscription, you may do so by accessing the Credit Card Update web form found on your User Profile page.

In the event of credit card failure during a subscription period, we will notify you by email or telephone call, explaining the nature of the failure and present you with a link to an update form. A successful update will return your subscription to active status. Failure to update your subscription will result in a termination of your subscription. You may re-subscribe at any time. Any special offers or promotions that had applied to the terminated subscription will be ineligible on the new subscription.